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Leading to Action offers life, leadership, and career coaching to help you create a lifestyle that compliments your career choice and supports your individual leadership style.  

Leading to Action was developed by Susan Neustrom, Ed.D. and I am committed to helping you discover your purpose, follow your passion, and overcome obstacles to reach your full potential and achieve your goals.  

Above all, I get excited about visions, possibilities, and lofty goals and even more excited to be involved in the change process of moving your vision to strategy to action to reality.  I work with people in transition, career changers,  and aspiring and seasoned leaders who may be stuck, confused, and feeling a bit uncomfortable . Perhaps you are struggling with creating greater work/life balance,searching for meaning and purpose in your work, seeking a more advanced leadership role, or wanting to discover a perfect career fit for your strengths, skills, talents, and passion. My coaching approach is not a cookie cutter method.  Instead I work with you to coactively create an approach that is unique and personalized for you needs resulting in progressive action step that lead to the outcome you desire.

I firmly believe that when you lead yourself success will follow. That is, when your actions align with your strengths, your values, and your passion, you have the ability to achieve success with a purpose beyond yourself.  I share my belief through speaking, coaching, seminars, workshops, training, and keynotes.

My mission:

To ignite energy and creativity and generate AHA moments to awaken purpose, passion, and potential.


Whether out of curiosity or you have a specific purpose, there is a reason why you came to my website and I invite you to explore the many ways I can work with you, your organization, your clients, or your employees.  Whatever your reason, I am glad that you are here.  

In addition, please visit my blog susanneustrom.com/
where I share stories, information, strategies, and tips about approaching change and transformation, leading with purpose, and discovering your passion.   

Better yet, contact me and we can talk.



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